I personally love the holiday season! The lights, the friends/family, the festivities, the food and the fun!

AND . . . if you’re focusing on your health and well-being, these upcoming weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can feel like really tricky times as well.

It can feel challenging to navigate the holiday parties, potlucks, cookies and sweets galore, holiday drinking, and even the emotional aspects of so many social events. You’re not alone.

That’s why I’m hosting an online two-hour gathering to support you in consciously creating a clear intention for your health and happiness in the holiday season!

“Celebrating on Purpose: Self-Nourishment Through the Holiday Season”

This will be an engaging, interactive experience so bring your questions, challenges, and ideas to support one another!

In this energizing, empowering group session you will feel excited about:

  • Practicing daily self-nourishment to stay healthy and balanced all season long
  • Indulging in seasonal foods and treats without OVER-indulging
  • Letting go of guilt, shame, or judgment around our food choices and actually enjoy the pleasure of food
  • Navigating tricky food situations like holiday parties with ease and confidence
  • Sustaining energy and vitality to truly enjoy all the fun of the holiday season
  • Keeping your body feeling healthy, strong, and happy through nourishing food choices
  • Maintaining your balanced weight now without waiting for the New Year’s resolutions
  • Feeling empowered around your food/drink choices in the holidays and beyond

You will leave this session with a clear action plan to carry you through the holiday season feeling NOURISHED and on PURPOSE!

Early bird rate available until end of December 2 (save $10)!!! Share with friends!


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