Sunday, January 30th

from 10-11 am PT

In this energizing, empowering workshop you will feel excited about:

  • Practicing daily self-nourishment to stay healthy and balanced year long, even in the midst of big challenges and stressors.
  • Sustaining energy and vitality to truly embody joy on a daily basis.
  • Clear next action steps to support your body feeling healthy, strong, and vibrant.
  • Feeling empowered around various aspects of your life including food/nutrition, sleep/rest, exercise/movement, connection with self and others and more!

I know these are EXTREMELY challenging times and I know you are all feeling overwhelmed most days with burnout looming . . .

AND here’s the deal . . . . even in the midst of such uncertainty, you can take small steps on a daily basis to better support your health and well-being

So that you can show up with energy, focus and vitality for your mission, yourself, your team, your relationships, and our planet.

This will be an engaging, interactive experience so bring your questions, challenges, and ideas to support one another!


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