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“Life Changing and Surprisingly Easy! I started with Michelle a bit over 2 months ago. In 2015 I had gained 20 pounds in 6 months emotional eating, and I was struggling with food cravings, insomnia and anxiety. Michelle helped me improve my sleep and then we found easy-to-prepare balanced meals that I enjoyed. Once I started eating these meals, my emotional eating and cravings disappeared! My anxiety also disappeared and I lost 14 pounds since January 1st. I’m loving food, never hungry, and I feel normal! Best investment I’ve made!”

Tracy, Oakland, CA

“Working with Michelle was a super positive experience. Michelle is very thorough, incredibly knowledgeable AND one of the nicest, most non-judgmental people you will ever meet. It is helpful when talking about eating habits to work with someone who is so accepting. Not only that, I have celiac’s disease, and she already was very familiar with it and my other food restrictions! I wholeheartedly recommend working with Michelle for any food, nutrition, or health needs.”

Lisa, San Francisco, CA

“Michelle Dwyer listens very carefully, is not judgmental and taps into her vast reservoir of knowledge to give you custom suggestions. She’s a humble person who shares her own struggles and does not judge you about yours. Finally, Michelle is very organized and follows up, giving you a written document capturing your session and other follow-up recommendations. She’s good!”

Christine, Oakland, CA

“Michelle is outstanding. I am constantly learning new things about my nutrition every time I see her. It is rare to find someone who embodies everything from the technical understanding to the empathetic ear…and Michelle does just that. I look forward to our meetings and have enjoyed every step of this journey with her. Thank you Michelle for sharing your love of food and health with me!”

S.N., Oakland, CA

“I feel re-born! I found Michelle at a very low point in my life, having been sick for over a year to the point I could barely function each day. No one knew what was wrong and I was completely overwhelmed by the number and variety of symptoms. Michelle was incredibly compassionate, encouraging, and knowledgeable, and gave clarity to my health problems. By carrying out all her suggestions related to tests, doctors, diet, and supplements, within a span of several months I am already almost back to normal!”

Bethany, Oakland, CA

“Hell, ya!  This woman is a nutritional goddess.  Michelle is insightful, knowledgeable, and nurturing, and her holistic guidance has been invaluable to me in developing– and achieving– a diverse range of health and fitness goals!  I started working with her to keep my vegan-based diet nutritionally balanced, as I had recently cutting back on several foods due to physiological (and ethical) sensitivities.  

She’s incredibly open-minded and non-judgmental, and manages to stay completely down-to-earth, especially considering her depth of clinical knowledge and concurrent role researching and reporting on her own nutritional studies.  Her humility and acceptance has made me feel even more committed to her ideas, and her encouragement and guidance has pushed me to overcome every obstacle I’ve encountered.  

As a former competitive athlete, I’ve worked with several dieticians and nutritionists to figure out the best ways to make my vegetarian diet appropriate to an elite training regimen.  Previous clinician approaches have been to insist I add meat and fish to my diet–but Michelle was refreshing and incredibly non-dogmatic.  She took a look at me as a whole person with a particular lifestyle, rather than scrutinizing tedious, incomprehensible nutritional details which never held much relevance for me.  She suggested making modifications and offered ideas for new routines and recipes at a pace compatible with my comfort zone– giving me complete control over how fast or slow I wanted to experiment and institute changes.  

I’ve been especially impressed with Michelle’s attention to the psychological nuances of eating healthy, an approach which informed me on levels that other specialists had never considered approaching.  Within a week I was noticing positive changes in my body and mind, and months later I continue to see and feel benefits.  Inspiring!”

Danya, Berkeley, CA

“Outstanding! I contacted Michelle after going on an elimination diet that totally threw off my eating routine. Michelle was extremely helpful and supportive. She has a lot of experience with elimination diets and vegan diets. She did a nutrition analysis and identified gaps and areas to focus on. Within a month (and a few great recipes and supplement recommendations from her), I was back on track and eating healthier than before! I definitely recommend Michelle, she is great to work with!”

J.S., Oakland, CA

“As a client for almost one year I have been very pleased to be the recipient of Michelle’s extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and personal warmth. She provides as much or as little as one needs or is ready to consume (sorry for the pun). Michelle offers customized advice and suggestions, rather than a one size fits all plan. She is a delight to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and outlook on life.”

Ron, Oakland, CA

“Who knew that a simple Facebook post could change my life? I have struggled with my weight most of my life and have lost 20 – 30 pounds several times, but have always gained it back and more. Things came to a head in August, 2012. I had been trying to lose weight all summer, my Doctor recommended a low carb diet with very little instruction, and a week later I had my first gall-bladder attack. I put a query out there on Facebook to find some support/advice from friends who had dealt with similar problems. Michelle Dwyer sent me a message offering her help. (We knew each other from growing up).

Michelle spent over an hour on the phone with me discussing my needs, goals and questions about how to proceed with a low carb and now, very low fat diet as well. She was able to give me suggestions about what foods to eat, quantities to eat, how often to eat, how to balance my nutritional needs with my new restrictions, ideas on supplements to help with digestion and to help with the gall-bladder symptoms, etc. The best part, is that it was all real food. She wasn’t trying to sell me on some powder, drug or product. All of her suggestions were things that I could buy at any grocery store or occasionally a health food store.

When we finished our phone meeting, I had gone from feeling clueless and frustrated to having knowledge and goals. Michelle emailed me a summary of everything we had talked about so that I didn’t have to take notes while on the phone. Periodically she would send me links to sites or articles about things that I had questions about and always offered up her time if I needed anything further. We started out touching base weekly and then eventually monthly and now are touching base more via email or as needed.

To date, I have lost 40 pounds, survived my surgery with few side effects, and feel better at almost 40 years old, than I did for most of my 20’s and 30’s! My fasting blood glucose has dropped back down into normal range, my liver panel numbers are normal, my cholesterol is normal and I was able to stop taking my blood pressure medication! Could I have done all of this on my own? Maybe, but to have someone to talk to, to bounce ideas off of, to do the research for me, to encourage me to get that workout in, that has been invaluable! Michelle gave me one on one support and made me feel like I was her only client, and all of this was done while living over 400 miles apart!”

Jennifer, Upland, CA

“To put it simply, Michelle is amazing! I had some health concerns and a lot of questions, and Michelle was nothing but professional, informative, and comforting. She helped me create meal plans that would best fit my family history, taste preferences, gluten intolerance, and lifestyle goals. My experience with Michelle was wonderful, and I fully encourage you to meet with her too!”

Chrissy, Hayward, CA