My Story

My story

In October of 2010, I came down with a cough suddenly and fiercely. I then spent the next six months feeling very sick—persistent cough and breathing troubles, sinus infections, exhaustion, laryngitis—and seeking a variety of treatments. It was a very difficult six months for me. Not only was I not feeling well physically, I was confused and scared about the best way to get better. I felt overwhelmed by all the information available to me, much of it contradictory. I finally found a naturopathic doctor and I started to feel better; we discovered underlying health and diet causes and treated those rather than just addressing the symptoms. As fantastic as this doctor is, I realized I still wanted someone to help guide me to making the changes I needed to implement, to support me in my health beyond the office visit. This is where, for those who are in a similar situation, I would like to step in as a Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant.

My pain, my suffering, my confusion at being sick so long is one of the greatest challenges of my life. It affected me not only physically, but also socially, emotionally and spiritually. I felt cut off socially from friends and family for a while; I felt exhausted and overwhelmed at trying to figure out the best direction to go; I felt spiritually challenged to be present with such suffering. However, rising as the Phoenix on the other side of this illness, I now feel literally reborn and I am empowered around my own health.

This difficult journey, of course, has many blessings. I feel better than ever before with more energy and vibrancy.  I also lost about 25 pounds and gained greater strength and fitness. I also discovered the new direction I wanted to take my life to help others who are struggling with their health. I want my clients to feel stronger and healthier, and know that they are in charge of their own body and well-being.

I believe in taking an integrative approach to health, one that looks at diet as well as lifestyle, offers emotional support along with supplements, and values spiritual growth and development as much as physical. I support my clients when they are scared and confused at facing a new diagnosis, who have been told they need to make lifestyle changes and do not know where to start, or who just want to make some changes to their life and need some support. Contact me today and we can start together.